Cylindrical Roller Bearings

N2.., NU2.., NUP.., NJ2..
NU2..EG, NJ2..EG, NUP2..EG
N3.., NU3.., NUP3.., NJ3..
NU3..EG, NJ3..EG, NUP3..EG

Construction of this roller bearing type is the simplest of all radial roller bearings. This bearing type is often used in high-speed applications. Because the inner ring, outer ring, and rollers are in line contact, this bearing type has a large radial load capacity. Various Cylindrical roller bearing configurations are:

N,NJ,NF,NU,RNU: integral ribs (flanges)
NH,NP;NUP;NUH: integral and loose ribs
NN,NNU: double-row bearings

Configurations having integral flanges or loose ribs on both the inner and outer rings can sustain a small amount of axial load. Since this bearing type supports axial loads as sliding action between the end of the rollers and flange faces, axial loading is Limited. Double-row Cylindrical roller bearings are used for high-speed, high-accuracy applications such as; main spindle support for lathes, milling machines, machining centers.