Sheave Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings with snap ring grooves

  • Basic Design: Full complement. Double row. Sealed on both sides
  • Highest dynamic & static load ratings: Maximum utilization of bearing section provides maximum load ratings.
  • Superior sealing capability: Unique design rubber contact seal prevents dust & water invasion.
  • Location: Easy to locate axially due to snap rings on both sides.
  • Lubrication: Lubricate with a lithium soap-based grease containing an EP additive.
  • Relubrication: Lubricate through lubrication hole & grooves only in inner ring.
  • Operating temperature: Suitable for -30 to +120°C
  • Application: Highly suitable in rope sheave

Application: Rope Blocks

    Sheave (rope pulley):   ]

Technical Information:

Comparison table

E5006X NNTS1 SL04 5006 PP NNF5006 ADA-2LSV
E5007X NNTS1 SL04 5007 PP NNF5007 ADA-2LSV
E5008X NNTS1 SL04 5008 PP NNF5008 ADA-2LSV
E5009X NNTS1 SL04 5009 PP NNF5009 ADA-2LSV
E5010X NNTS1 SL04 5010 PP NNF5010 ADA-2LSV
E5011X NNTS1 SL04 5011 PP NNF5011 ADA-2LSV
E5012X NNTS1 SL04 5012 PP NNF5012 ADA-2LSV
E5013X NNTS1 SL04 5013 PP NNF5013 ADA-2LSV
E5014X NNTS1 SL04 5014 PP NNF5014 ADA-2LSV
E5015X NNTS1 SL04 5015 PP NNF5015 ADA-2LSV
E5016X NNTS1 SL04 5016 PP NNF5016 ADA-2LSV
E5017X NNTS1 SL04 5017 PP NNF5017 ADA-2LSV
E5018X NNTS1 SL04 5018 PP NNF5018 ADA-2LSV
E5019X NNTS1 SL04 5019 PP NNF5019 ADA-2LSV
E5020X NNTS1 SL04 5020 PP NNF5020 ADA-2LSV
E5022X NNTS1 SL04 5022 PP NNF5022 ADA-2LSV
E5024X NNTS1 SL04 5024 PP NNF5024 ADA-2LSV
E5026X NNTS1 SL04 5026 PP NNF5026 ADA-2LSV
E5028X NNTS1 SL04 5028 PP NNF5028 ADA-2LSV
E5030X NNTS1 SL04 5030 PP NNF5030 ADA-2LSV
E5032X NNTS1 SL04 5032 PP NNF5032 ADA-2LSV
E5034X NNTS1 SL04 5034 PP NNF5034 ADA-2LSV
E5036X NNTS1 SL04 5036 PP NNF5036 ADA-2LSV
E5038X NNTS1 SL04 5038 PP NNF5038 ADA-2LSV
E5040X NNTS1 SL04 5040 PP NNF5040 ADA-2LSV
E5044X NNTS1 SL04 5044 PP NNF5044 ADA-2LSV
E5048X NNTS1 SL04 5048 PP NNF5048 ADA-2LSV
E5052X NNTS1 SL04 5052 PP NNF5052 ADA-2LSV
E5056X NNTS1 SL04 5056 PP NNF5066 ADA-2LSV