Succesful European Convention of the NACHI-Family

Information of Nachi Europe GmbH,
November 2018

To celebrate the first european convention of Nachi-Fujikoshi‘s distributors in the german business city of Frankfurt/Main 67 participants from 20 countries met the members of the executive board and other managers of the japanese head office.

On November 13, 2018, the chairman of the Nachi-Fujikoshi trust, Homna-san, welcomed the guests and participants of the first international, european meeting of distributors  to start into a two days event of information and discussion. During the meeting sales, technical and marketing specialists presented on the one hand the present range of products from the divisions bearings, machining-tools, hydraulics and robotics, especially the newly launched products. On the other hand they showed the marketing-activities 2018.

The seminar gave the extensive chance to discuss in detail the current development of the european market and NACHI‘s recently  introduced innovations. The japanese members of the board, who had been travelling specifically for this event, introduced the business strategy focussing on further growth of the japanese company especially in the european countries. They indicated the european market as particularly important considering the technical innovation. Moreover, they emphasized the outstanding position of the regional distributors as agents between the japanese parent company and the local customers and their individual demands. 

The european distributors and NACHI‘s specialists exchanged their experiences during workshops and they gave one another valuable hints concerning further market trends. In view of all of this, the synergies within the company proved to be very profitable. 
To the end of the event all involved participants agreed in best spirit that an exchange of information of this quality is outstanding productive and that it will be worth it to have periodical follow-ups for intensive discussions during smaller or larger meetings.

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