“With the invention of its first vane pump in the year of 1943 NACHI started to capture the hydraulics sector.”

Since the invention of NACHI‘s first vane pump in the year of 1943, NACHI gained an outstanding position within the hydraulics market and continues to secure its solid market position through continuous research and development.

For many years we have been a strong partner in the field of industrial and mobile hydraulics. Compact, reliable and efficient solutions are the result of our long-term and interdisciplinary application knowledge.

Our strong market position involves a high degree of automation and a comprehensive manufacturing know-how. This success is based on our access to unique company-wide synergies.



NACHI‘s hydraulic track drives excel in compact excavators world wide.

Hydraulic Solutions for Construction Machinery

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI is the worldwide leader and most well-known manufacturer of efficient, reliable and compact hydraulic equipment for use in compact excavators

  • Slew Drive PCR: Reliable, maintenance-free, compact unit with outstanding performance
  • Piston Pump PVD: Proven combination of piston pump and gear pumps to operate all hydraulic functions of a compact excavator
  • Rotary Centre Joint RCJ: Leakage- and maintenance-free hydraulic connection between upper structure and undercarriage
  • Track Drive PHV: The tailor-made reference solution for crawler-driven machines

Slew Drive PCR

Piston Pump PVD

Rotary Centre Joint RCJ

Track Drive PHV



Applications in Industry and Automation

Worldwide NACHI offers industrial hydraulics for a broad range of applications:


Sheet Metal Forming:

  • Servo hydraulics for bending presses
  • Press bar units
  • Energy on demand: operates only when the press is active

Main Advantages:

  • Energy-saving
  • Low noise
  • Reduced maintenance and service support
  • High accuracy in bending

Hydraulic Unit for Bending Presses

NACHI‘s hydraulic units for bending presses are very successfully used in Amada‘s press brakes.

Machine Tool:

  • Clamping of work-pieces
  • Clamping of tools
  • Clamping of steady rest and tailstock
  • Clamping of different axes in various applications

Main Advantages:

  • Energy-saving operation of units and valves
  • Very low internal leakage, thereby low heating
  • Low noise (53 dB)
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • High power density
  • Reduced costs

Frequency-Controlled Hydraulic Unit NSPi for Lathes

The frequency-controlled hydraulic unit NSPi for lathes performs reliably in the lathe machines from DMG Mori.

Components for Customised Applications:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Accessories

Main Advantages:

  • Extended lifetime
  • Less internal leakage for high efficiency
  • Low operating costs

Motor Pump UPV

Internal Gear Pump IPH with Metric Shaft

4/3 Directional Valve