Electrics, Electronics

NACHI robots mount and assemble economically and productively in minimum space

For pick-and-place and assembling printed circuit boards, the Scara robots EZ, ES, and EC06 are convincing. With the EZ in particular, the concept with drive unit at the top, and vertical movement of the first axis minimizes the space requirements. With reaches up to 550mm, NACHI' Scara robots position loads weighing up to 3kg dynamically with a precision of ±0.014mm.

For the assembly of electric and electronic components the compact 6-axis robots of the MZ01 to MZ07 series with payload range from 1 to 7 kg, benefit from their outstanding dynamics and high speed. With a reach of 723 or 912mm, the MZ07 is considered to be the world's fastest compact robot in its class.

Complex assembly activities can be mastered by humans and robots collaboratively (HRC), efficiently, and fatigue-free with NACHI's CZ series of robots.

Thanks to hollow wrists and internal cable guidance, all NACHI robots work safely and collision-free in tight spaces.