As early as 1929 NACHI founded its competence in the production of tools with the presentation of high-quality hacksaw blades.

NACHI delivers high-level tools for industrial applications. The high quality and process reliability of NACHI's drills, milling, threading and gear cutters as well as broaches are based on NACHI's extended production level. Melting of steel, metallurgical powder production, pressing, sintering, tempering, coating, grinding – NACHI's experts master all the necessary processes. With its in-house developed and continuously optimised sintering processes, grinding and coating technology, NACHI drives the innovation. With regard to technology, NACHI's cutting tools are always up-to-date: Quality and precision made in Japan.



NACHI offers a comprehensive range of HSS and solid carbide tools for all machining tasks.

HSS and solid carbide machining tools – universal, robust and economic

NACHI's drills, taps, and end mills work extremely productively, and have proved to be highly wear-resistant and care for longest service time, thanks to sophisticated substrates, innovative cutting geometries, and high-quality coatings. They convince with utmost process reliability, also under difficult conditions. This is advantageous for professional craftsmen and in all segments of industrial machining.


The wide range of high-performance drilling tools supplied by NACHI, with diameters of 0.2 to 32mm, offers solutions for every application. High-speed steel or solid carbide drills can be used for a wide range of metals, alloys, and plastics highly efficient and productive. For this, they are made of selected substrates, and feature optimized geometries plus carefully matched coatings. Even for special metalworking tasks, NACHI can provide efficient drilling tools out of its standard portfolio.



Revolutionize your processing time: Doubled tool life due to improved substrate, multi-layer nano coating, and cutting geometry.

Aquadrill EX Flat

Precise centering and burr-free: With a 180° point angle, the Aquadrill EX Flat guarantees perfect results when center-drilling on angled or convex surfaces, drilling through crossing bore holes, and drilling through thin walls and sheets.

Aquadrill EX Oil-Hole long

Reliable up to 30xD deep: Thanks to a 140° point angle, dual guiding chamfers and internal coolant supply, the Aquadrill EX Oil-Hole long can be used to drill thin, precisely aligned holes in machining centers.

Universal Drill SG made of HSS-PM

The universal drills, available in diameters >0.5mm, made of tough substrates coated with multi-layer coatings machine all materials reliably and precisely, from mild steel to high-alloyed stainless steel. Drill diameters stepped 0.01mm as a standard.



For NACHI, utmost process reliability during thread tapping has top priority. Suitable for use in a wide range of materials, taps made of high-speed steel and coated powder-metallurgy steel are convincing with long service life and high strength under difficult conditions.


SG Taps



End mills

NACHI offers the most various types of end mills for a wide application range to machine numerous materials – from aluminium to titanium, through mild steels and carbon steels up to corrosion-proof chromium steel alloys. Thanks to convincing features such as diamond-like coatings (DLC), fine and coarse flute spacings, ball and corner radius, drilling face geometry or types in the micro-diameter range, the end mills can be used efficiently in production lines, and also in mold & toolmaking.



Helical broaches and fir-tree broaches

Broaching tools

Broaching is one of NACHI's core competences.

In the demanding field of final machining for turbine blades – foot geometries (fir trees) for the secure assembly of blister and turbine blades – NACHI is seen as the world's leading supplier of broaching tools, with a 50 percent market share. Well-known turbine manufacturers for energy generation and the aerospace industry rely on NACHI's broaching tools. NACHI is also a leading supplier of high-quality broaches for finishing of precision internal gear.

In Japan, NACHI operates the world's largest production site for broaching tools. The specialists benefit from the high degree of vertical integration  from steel melting through shaping and machining up to heat treatment and coating.