NACHI EUROPE Managing Director: Mr. Shinobu Taniguchi

Dear valued customers,

We warmly welcome Mr. Shinobu Taniguchi as our new Managing Director.

He started working for NACHI in 1989, just after his bachelor studies. He has made a successful career at NACHI both in Japan and abroad, such as Coordinator of NACHI Europe Cutting Tools Division (2006 to 2013) and President of NACHI Tool America Inc. (2019 to 2021).

Therefore, Shinobu Taniguchi is a proven expert for Cutting Tools but also has deep understanding of the process of manufacturing at NACHI, where all products are manufactured in-house and work together in a unique integrated system.

We are looking forward to the personal contact, the cooperation and exchange of experiences with Mr. Taniguchi.

During his recent maiden speech, he told us that he is looking forward to continuing services to the customers with the best in technology and market-leading products and that he would be lucky about an open dialog with customers as this will give NACHI EUROPE the chance to improve knowledge about the market situation. Continuing that way, he is sure to improve the close and successful cooperation with NACHI customers.

By more frequent visit and face-to-face communication instead of remote channel, we will strengthen our business relationship with you under our new Managing Director.

Moreover, he expressed his utmost sorrow about the sudden death of Mr. Shinji Kato.

We have been appreciating your kind support to him during his lifetime and the warm messages of condolence and sympathy you sent.

Sincerely yours,
Wataru Koriki
General Manager, Finance and Administration

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