Simulate Robotic on the Internet

Thanks to „drag&bot“ users can simulate applications with Nachi‘s robots series MZ free of charge

The german startup drag&bot, located in Stuttgart, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute, has setup the first simulation environment based only on the internet. Using this virtual 3D-environment robots of different manufacturers – such as Nachi – can be combined to a digital twin of the whole robot application with the CAD-model of the individual robot-cell as well as with standard components, e. g. grippers, which are included in the robot-kit that comes with the software drag&bot. Thus even complex automation processes can be approved flexibly, fast and profitably in advance, e. g. with respect to the reachability, the risk of collisions and the cycle times. The software drag&bot is now supporting Nachi‘s robots of the MZ-series.

These six-axis robots are well-known for their compact design. They can be used in a variety of applications and they are very economic because with low investments highly efficient applications can be achieved. The robots of the MZ-series (payload from 1 to 25 kg) captivate with their large coverage and their high repeat-accuracy which allows exact handling and positioning.

Using the cost-free simulation software on the internet applications can be prooved in respects to practicability, coverage oft the robot, positioning of the gripper and the cycle-times within a few minutes. Based on the wide spread network of Nachi‘s agencies individual robot applications can be achieved fast and cost-efficiently.

Robot-Kit Configurator (Scenario Designer) - YouTube

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